Visual What? explores the interdisciplinary approaches several artists take within the infrastructure of studio art. The multiplicity of modes of inquiries approach art as a hybrid discipline; a recombination of an array of skills, new media technologies, and wide varieties of knowledge.

Art and culture emerge in many different forms. Visual What? deliberately explores non-traditional ways of investigating concepts and issues that are pressing in contemporary culture. A key characteristic is the response to technology, by often simple re-appropriation or subversion of technology’s intended use.

The work is organized to highlight the connections between studio art and other fields of knowledge, media, politics, and culture. These artists recognize the marriage of form and content to leverage innovative meanings and new imaginations of the world.

This show is meant to encourage rich and meaningful discourse and dialogue about the communities we live in. Equipped with technical, conceptual, political, and social skills, the artists in Visual What? produce effective cultural work, situated within contemporary issues and context.

Statement and photographs by Krzysztof Lower.