For this project I was interested in focusing on the rings that form within a tree as it grows.  When you look at a sample of a tree, each ring represents 1 year that the tree has lived.  This act of nature in itself is already a physical representation of a nonphysical phenomenon.  I chose to expand on this and create a piece that allows the viewer to view the rings both together and also separately.  This makes for an interesting experience when the viewer begins to relate each ring to their own body.  Some rings can be worn as jewelry.  Essentially, the viewer can begin to "play" with an entire year that this particular tree has spent growing and thriving. 

This made me wonder what kind of physical representation of growth humans would have.  Aside from our bodies growing bigger and stronger (and eventually weaker), is there some way to relate each year that we have lived in a way that can be physically separated from the rest?  Would this "year" be more dense with memories and experiences?